Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Canons Gate!

Check out the pics from mighty Z/28 gigs over the milleniums - as you know we do inter galactic, inter dimensional and non time restricted gigs - capture a blast of the excitement tonite at the Canons gate bar in Edinburgh - the flyer produced by the promoter is further back in time on this blog!!!


The Z/28 Debut Album!

This compact mirror of punkin’ trash-a-billy has been released for some years now but the second alnbum is half in the can - as we go we will give you all the links in the meantime if you wish to purchase this saucer crash of a disaster go to and tell Andy - Rockin Rick Buzzin sent ya!

What are the Z/28 all about?

The reply has to be - who knows?

This little bitty says a lot about them tho!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Country Hillbilly Flying Saucers!

in the gawd dang back of an old covered wagon in the misty mountains of Scotland the mighty zee twenny ate reveal to the world a captivating alien being!!!!

The moon is shinning!

And you run and you run!

Z/28 gig at the Canons Gate tomorrow nite!

After being un-affected technically at hosted by ADVENTINTERNET for several years now - they have not responded to e-mails - their phone numbers are fake - I have contacted Paypal, Nominet etc who deal with ADVENT INTERNET and still cannot get a response or intouch with ADVENT - warning! stay clear of this company - in the meantime - start yourself a blog and more importantly come along to the gig advertised in the above little flyrer.
More on advent as we get it!