Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mad March Hair!

What in the world of the Z/28 is goin on?

following a split level studio fiasco the z/28 album has not moved on a whole piece but some great stuff and a variety of mixes of the tracks have been undertaken and produced by the Buzzin - expect a load up online soon

There are also forthcoming gigs in the mainstay favourites - or is that stagnated favourites as z28 have had a 16 year residency in these clubs ha ha - who knows - 29th of April at the Subway playin with P.O.T.S.O and sooner than that at the Full Moon

Buzzin has also layed some riffs down for the forthcoming Le Bleu release the rise and . . . of Le Bleu - keep up to date with this project by clickin’ yer links.

More Z/28 soon and

Goodbye Betty we will keep your style and performance pizazz alive!