Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Myspace the wurst space in SPACE

That myspace has to be the crapest lot of crap, ever put together in tha alien wurld of cyberspace - twa highland pints o’ heavy and ya don’t know where yoo are - but i think the z28 are here.

If we ain’t, we are appearing here >

with that crowd POTSO and sum uuther noisers . . . an all gal punker crowd from the marvelous, bright, beautiful, Bo’ness.

Oh! and for everybody who thought Von Dutch was David Beckhams hat designer – WAKE UP!

Below are some ultra rare Mosrite guitars designed by the ‘Dutch’, and as ya’all know – Mossers are the preferred instruments of the Buzz,

As an also ran ‘wee’ news blog – ‘We don’t only do noise, but we also do NOISE’ – keep up to date with oor contributions to ‘Le Bleu’ over here.

And here’s a ruff cut of the Buzzin - ‘frip fried and part mixed’ on the ‘Rise and Rise’ forthcoming release.

Finally (it happened to me) - here is somethin wurth checkin oot in the mighty z28 way > So much happening and only 2 minutes of eternity left to live ! How do the Zees do it ! Back like a colapsed star ! YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT !